Adroit Technologies & Cloud Solutions Inc. has experience designing and developing AI solution to model and improve network behavior and performance by providing automation in network operation and in root cause analysis. The Adroit Technologies & Cloud Solutions Inc. has deployed the AI solution both on-prem and multi cloud platform managing either virtual or hybrid networks. The team has developed data collector engine, real time traffic analysis, data modeling, data analytic, and predictive model engines. The data collector engine collects the network metrics, events, device logs, and telemetry data and store it in the data lake after initial traffic analysis.

Depending on the traffic analysis, data is analyzed either through real time or batch processing to meet the network needs. Adroit Technologies & Cloud Solutions Inc. AI team can be leveraged in designing automated data modeling and building a predictive model using open source and proprietary ML algorithms. We have the expertise in training the data model using the historical data and also continuously improving the model based on real time traffic as well as new network events. Some of the tools and platforms the team has experience in are Kafka, Azure Cosmos, AWS DynamoDB, Spark, Hadoop, Grafana, H2O, and Cassandra. At xxx, we have implemented AI solution for IoT, enterprise, and wireless networks environment. Our team have provided values to the clients in developing intuitive and simple dashboard for displaying network anomaly, failure indicators, bottlenecks, and new events. We can help our clients in expediting troubleshooting cycle, reducing technical support cost, and improving network availability.

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