Adroit Technologies & Cloud Solutions Inc. has been helping its clients in developing IoT, enterprise IT, and networking solution on Microsoft Azure. At Adroit Technologies & Cloud Solutions Inc., we do have a large talented pool of engineers who have experience on the following components of the Azure Cloud:

Telemetry : Load Balancer, API Management, Azure Functions, IoT Hub

Data Routing : Event Hubs, Service Bus, Logic Apps

Data Analytic : Stream Analytic, HDInsights. Spark, Storm

Data Storage : CosmosDB, Blob, Table, MySQL, Data Lake, Time Series Insights

Visualizatio : Power BI

We can help the clients in designing new web service, migrating on-prem to Azure platform, and maintaining any Azure app. we do specialize in monitoring and optimizing Azure resource utilization and effectiveness to reduce your subscription fee every month. Our Azure certified professionals helps the clients in faster Azure web service implementation and ongoing feature development with the right resource on Azure.

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